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We are Open Source Software Editor

Since the 3Liz company creation, we endeavour to promote Open Source solutions for the constitution of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of our customers.

We actively participate in the QGIS project, contributing to:

For our customers and our needs, we carry out our developments with Open Source licence.

You will find our achievements on Github https://github.com/3liz/ and below a presentation of our main products.

Softwares for your Web GIS


Create Web map applications with QGIS® and Lizmap.

Lizmap allows in QGIS® Desktop to create Web map applications.

These can be simple for the publication of a map intended for the general public in order to valorise geographic information, like the demonstration map of points of interest in the Lake Geneva watershed or flood risks in Montpellier.

They can integrate functions of creation and modification of data for a collaborative creation of geographical information, as for the map of demonstration of the faunistic observations in Polynesia.

It is also possible to integrate dedicated features like the Paris by night demonstration map.

Learn more or consult the documentation.

Check our hosting offer: Lizmap Hosting

Lizmap source code is available:

We have also developed additional modules : Naturaliz, Cadastre, MapBuilder


Py-QGIS-Server is an HTTP(S) server written in Python and based on the new QGIS 3 API which enable embedding the QGIS server functionalities.

Py-QGIS-Server allows to use genuine Qgis projects server side and access your geographical data with WMS/WFS/WCS/WMTS protocols.

The server may be run as a self-contained single service or as a proxy server with an arbitrary number of workers running remotely or locally. Independent workers connect automatically to the front-end proxy with no need of special configuration on the proxy side. Thus, this is ideal for auto-scaling configuration for use with container orchestrator as Swarm or Kubernetes.

Py-Qgis-Server is aimed at solving some real situations encountered in production environment: zero conf scalability, handle long-running request situation, auto restart...

  • Py-QGIS-Server supports complex access control rules with extensible filters.
  • Py-QGIS-Server supports all Qgis server 3 plugins.
  • Py-QGIS-Server is open source : https://github.com/3liz/py-qgis-server

QGIS Server
QGIS Server


Py-QGIS-WPS allows you to run QGIS processing algorithms, scripts or models from server without any modifications.

Py-QGIS-WPS is an HTTP(S) server written in Python et based on the new QGIS 3 Processing API and supports Web Processing Service standard from the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Py-QGIS-WPS features:

Plugins for QGIS Desktop

Cadastre QGIS Cadastre icon

The Cadastre plugin has been designed to facilitate the use of French cadastral data in QGIS. Several modules help the user to import data, display it in QGIS, search and print reports:

QGIS Cadastre financeurs
QGIS Cadastre outil de recherche
QGIS Cadastre information parcelle

This plugin is available:

The plugin documentation is also available https://github.com/3liz/QgisCadastrePlugin-documentation

Layer Board QGIS Layer Board icon

This plugin allows you to view and modify the properties of vector and raster layers.

This plugin is available:

QuickOSM QGIS QuickOSM icon

QuickOSM lets you work quickly with OpenStreetMap data in QGIS using the Overpass API.

There are useful tips, such as automatic colors on the lines (if the tag is present) or actions (right click in the attribute table) for each entity (editing in JOSM for example).

This plugin is available:

Réseaux d’adduction d’eau potable et d’assainissement (RAEPA)

The French geostandard for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Networks (RAEPA) collects the geolocalized data necessary and sufficient for the minimum inventory of the support networks of these public services.

The data standardized by the geostandard RAEPA in each of the two areas it deals with (drinking water supply and collective sanitation) are organized as follows:

The RAEPA plugin makes it possible to set up an extended geostandard data structure. It offers additional attributes and values for a better description of the networks.

The plugin also offers actions on network objects:

This plugin is available :

Drain Sewer Visual Inspections (DSVI) QGIS Drain Sewer Visual Inspections (DSVI) icon

The *European standard EN 13508-2 provides a coding system for the description of the internal condition of the drainage and sewerage networks, and of the manholes and inspection boxes, noted by visual inspection.

The DSVI plugin makes it possible to use files that comply with this standard. It offers tools for:

This plugin is available :

Modules for Lizmap-Web-Client


The Naturaliz module was designed as part of the French Nature and Landscape Information System (SINP, french portal and french wikipedia article) for Guadeloupe National Park and Réunion National Park. It consists of several modules.

The Taxon module allows:

The Occtax module allows:

Naturaliz's main objective is to enhance observation data in the context of the SINP:

Lizmap Naturaliz Karunati
Lizmap Naturaliz Borbonica

This module is available:


This module allows you to transform a QGIS project built with the Cadastre plugin into a web application for consulting cadastral data.

This module includes:

Lizmap Naturaliz Borbonica

This module is available:


This module allows a user to build their own maps by selecting several layers from several QGIS projects published in Lizmap Web Client and organizing them as he sees fit.

The features are:

An administration user interface is proposed and allows you to configure:

This module is available:

Plugins for QGIS Server

Atlas Print QGIS Server Atlas print icon

This plugin adds a new service ATLAS to QGIS 3 Server which allows to export a print layout with an atlas configured, but passing an expression parameter to choose which feature is the current atlas feature.

This plugin is available :

WFS output extension

wfsOutputExtension is a QGIS3 Server Plugin. It extends OGC Web Feature Service capabilities. It adds Output Formats to WFS GetFeature request. It adds:

Latest wfsOutputExtension versions need QGIS Server 3.0 or higher.

Retrieve wfsOutputExtension 1.0.2 version or lower if you have QGIS Server 2.

This plugin is available :

Qgis server plugins for infrastructure : syslog and flush project

This QGIS Server plugin provides tools for integrating QGIS Server into a network infrastructure. It allows you to monitor and manage the behavior of QGIS Server.

Syslogd: A QGIS Server filter to provide log data to syslog as JSON data for use in logstash or elasticsearch.

Flush: A QGIS Server filter to delete entries from the server configuration cache. This plugin is required if QGIS projects are accessible to QGIS Server through a mount point.

Version 1.2.0 or higher is compatible with QGIS Server 3. For QGIS Server 2, you can use the qgis2 branch or version 1.1.x and lower.

This plugin is available :