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Lizmap is an open-source software designed by 3Liz

Create Web map applications with QGIS® and Lizmap.

Lizmap allows in QGIS® Desktop to create Web map applications.

These can be simple for the publication of a map intended for the general public in order to valorise geographic information, like the demonstration map of the landuse in Narbonne or the earthquakes in Indonesia.

They can integrate functions of creation and modification of data for a collaborative creation of geographical information, as for the map of demonstration of the faunistic observations in Polynesia.

It is also possible to integrate dedicated features like the Paris by night demonstration map.

Lizmap was used to create:

The advantages of Lizmap

The steps of publishing with Lizmap

Prepare Transfer View
your map applications your data and QGIS® projects on the Web
Prepare your maps Transfer your geographic data View on the Web
The editor configures in QGIS® the options for each map and the tools that will be available within the map application with the Lizmap plugin. The Lizmap web client is installed on a map server with QGIS® Server. The publisher places its QGIS® projects and the Lizmap configuration on the server. Users can access map applications with their web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc.) and use the tools made available by the publisher.

The advanced features of Lizmap

Discover Lizmap

Our demo instance offers different examples of using Lizmap.

Lizmap demonstration maps

Additional modules

We have developed additional modules : Naturaliz, Cadastre, MapBuilder

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