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Release of Lizmap Web Client 3.7

Mon 29 January 2024

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Lizmap Web Client 3.7

3Liz is pleased to announce the release of Lizmap Web Client 3.7, the new major version of the application.


Territoire de Belfort
Calvados French province
Direction Départemental du Territoire et de la Mer de l'Hérault
Grand Narbonne urban community

Pre-requirements and installation

It is now required to have a minimum QGIS server 3.22. However, we highly recommend using the latest LTR version, i.e. version 3.28 or even soon the next LTR version 3.34. Check the QGIS roadmap.

To take full advantage of this version 3.7, don't forget to update your Lizmap plugin in QGIS desktop. We've written an article dedicated to this new version.


Overhaul of the default theme

A new theme is available, bringing a more up-to-date UI. It's now also easier to update these colors, because it has been centralized using just a few CSS variables.

New theme


In the plugin, you can find new settings about each plot. For instance, it's possible to set two different titles, depending on where the plot is displayed : either in the main dataviz panel or within a popup.

The main new feature is the Drag&Drop layout. We have been inspired by the native feature in QGIS about the Drag&Drop form layout. In Lizmap, when you have many plots to display, you can organize them in tabs or containers.

In QGIS, this is an example of the layout :

New Drag&Drop layout for Dataviz

and the result in Lizmap Web Client :

New Drag&Drop layout for Dataviz

These new features have been funded by DDTM 34.


This is one of the most visible and expected feature in Lizmap, it's possible to check/uncheck the legend items individually.

We also reviewed the way Lizmap was managing base layers in the project. Users are now invited to use the baselayers group in the legend to define your base layers. With an updated version of the plugin, use the "Baselayers" tab to help you.

We also decided to stick to the same behavior as in QGIS Desktop on how users are manipulating the legend. Now, when enabling a group, it will not toggle "ON" all layers included within this group.

New theme

To include these new features, a lot of Javascript refactoring has been done under the hood, funded by both Calvados province and Le Grand Narbonne.


In the plugin, a new panel about layouts landed. You are invited to have a look to these new settings. It's possible to :

New print options in the plugin

These new features have been funded by DDTM 34.

During this work, we deprecated the QGIS server plugin AtlasPrint. Lizmap now uses the native feature from QGIS Server for printing an atlas feature.



Faunalia contributed directly on the Lizmap source code by adding WebDAV support in form when the editing widget has been set to WebDAV storage, check the online documentation. It works as well when displaying the popup.

Relations between tables

The support of relations 1-n between tables has been improved when editing these layers :

Add a child

Add a child

These improvements about relations 1-n were funded by both Avignon city and Valabre.


Text and measures

It's possible to annotate the map with some text in the drawing tool. Measures have been improved as well.

New draw text and measure options

These features were funded by Territoire de Belfort and Lons-le-Saunier.


When digitizing some geometries on Lizmap, you can now set some length and/or angle constraints.



Some new scopes have been added the Actions feature. Before, it was only the feature scope. With 3.7, Actions can be defined in the layer scope or (similar to QGIS native actions feature) or even in the project scope.

New contexts for Actions

These new features have been funded by Porte du Soleil.


Due to the work which have been done during the legend or other features in Lizmap, some previous Javascript script might not work anymore and need to be adapted.

Good news, some of these legacy scripts might not be needed anymore. For instance, about the legend, you are invited to switch to the native QGIS theme feature.


You can download the latest zip on our releases page.

You can also check the full changelog of version 3.7.0.


As of January 29rd 2024, this is the list of modules which have been released for 3.7 :

Other modules are work-in-progress.

We hope you will enjoy this new version 🦎

The 3Liz team