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Lizmap Web Client 3.2 and futur

Lizmap Web Client 3.2.*

We are pleased to announce the release of lizmap web client 3.2 - 1 - 2

This version proposes new features:

This version improves:

  • Edition
  • Javascript events
  • PHP event for searching tool
  • Updating locales

And new locales are availables:

  • Czech
  • Norwegian
  • Brazilian
  • Slovenian

We also enhance the way to localize the plugin, the web client and the documentation through transifex.

Futur Lizmap Web Client versions

We have planned the release of version 3.3 at the end of February. This version has to fully support QGIS Server 3.4.* and upper.

We also plan to release a version 4 during the year 2019. This version will be based on recent versions of OpenLayers, Bootstrap and JQuery. We have started this work. We develop an add-on to Lizmap to build its map from published layers within the instance.