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Geolocater: See photos of your geolocations

The Geolocation API is fairly well implemented by the different browsers on the market. The problem is that it's perceived as only useful on mobile. This perception is due to the fact that the Geolocation API is presented as a means to indicate to a web application where we are, but this information is provided by the browser, it is therefore possible to allow a user to decide where he wants to be geolocated when he is on the Internet. Geolocater offers users to choose the way to be geolocated when a Web application requests it.

The interest you can save locations to choose which geolocation use when an application requests it and facilitate the use of location-based information.

To highlight the importance of being able to choose your position on earth when you're on the Web, I made a video demonstration with Flickr. The Flickr mapping application is equipped with a 'Find my location' button. This button launches a geolocation request to the browser. As mentioned in the specification of the Geolocation API, the browser must notify the request, unless you have specified that you no longer wanted notification. If you have installed Geolocater and you have not disabled notification for Flickr, you can select the geolocation you want to send to Flickr to find photos nearby. You can easily navigate through the world and discover images from around the world.