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Release of Lizmap Web Client 3.6

Tue 07 March 2023

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Lizmap Web Client 3.6 has landed, 3.5 still alive, 3.4 is retired

3Liz is pleased to announce the release of Lizmap Web Client 3.6, the new major version of the application.

This new version is mainly focused on the administration panel and tools for GIS technicians to help to manage their QGIS projects published on Lizmap.

This new major version means that the Lizmap Web Client 3.4 is no more maintained. However, we are still maintaining the 3.5 version.


Grand Narbonne urban community
Gard Departmental Council
Les Portes du Soleil
Syndicat Départemental d'Énergie et d'Équipement 48
Direction Départemental du Territoire et de la Mer de l'Hérault

Pre-requirements and installation

It is now required to have a minimum QGIS server 3.10. However, we recommend using the latest LTR version , i.e. version 3.22 or even the latest LTR version 3.28.

Since Lizmap Web Client 3.4, the installation of the QGIS server plugin Lizmap server was strongly recommended in order to unlock all features.

Now, installing the plugin Lizmap server on QGIS server is mandatory. Do not forget to check your installation on the "Server Information" page in the administration pages and finalize it, mainly the environment variable. Follow the instructions in your administration panel, "Server Information" page.

Even if you continue to use Lizmap Web Client 3.5, remember to install the plugin Lizmap server on QGIS server!

From now, on each new release of Lizmap Web Client, the minimum version of the plugin will be incremented. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to update it on each version.

These constraints concern the Lizmap server and are therefore the responsibility of whoever manages the server.

Information serveur

Administration panel

The administration interface includes the following new features:

More project properties are shown if the tool qgis-project-validator (available on our hosting offer lizmap.com) is used:

This page aims to help you identify "old" projects on your Lizmap server and update them. For this, we recommend using the same QGIS desktop version as your QGIS server and installing the latest version of the Lizmap plugin available.

Very important note: QGIS projects which were designed for Lizmap Web Client 3.2 or lower will no longer be available. Remember to look at the warnings in this new page. To unlock such projects, they must be reopened in QGIS desktop with the latest version of the Lizmap plugin available in your QGIS plugin manager.

Project page

In QGIS desktop

In QGIS Desktop, there are new configuration features:

It is now possible to preview charts in the Dataviz tab.

It is also possible to get the list of the groups configured in Lizmap Web Client administration pages to correctly manage the restrictions at the project level, or the visibility for a layer, or to define the editing capabilities of a layer.

Group wizard

User interface

Error message when loading a Lizmap application

Before, when Lizmap Web Client encountered errors while loading a Lizmap project, the message Service not available appeared in the background of the loading window.

This message no longer appears. If an error occurs during the map loading, an explicit message is displayed to explain the encountered issue.

If an additional JavaScript script contains an error, then an error message is also displayed.

Displaying value labels for a feature

When opening an editing form or displaying the attribute table of a layer, the values (codes) are now replaced by their labels, like in QGIS desktop.

The field values are replaced by their labels if the field editing tool is Value relation, Relation reference and Value map. This configuration is done in the QGIS Layer properties window, Attributes form tab. In the case of the Value relation and Relation reference widgets, the source layer must be published in WFS.

Editing: start drawing again

When editing an object, once the geometry has been drawn, it is now possible to erase it to start drawing a new geometry from scratch.

It is always possible to modify a drawing in the context of editing.

Zoom on an object when opening the map

New URL parameters are available to be able to zoom in on one or more objects and display their popup:

The layer and filter parameters will be used for WFS and WMS type queries, so make sure that these are well compatible with the 2 types of services.

For instance, we would like to reuse this map of Montpellier showing cadastral data with the FlatGeobuf format by providing a customized link opening the popup from Park of Peyrou.

This park has 340172000BX0079 for its unique ID in the field geo_parcelle. Therefore, we need to add in the URL above :

It gives this final result :


For your information, we can have the value of the filter with this Javascript code :

encodeURIComponent("\"geo_parcelle\" = '340172000BX0079'")`


You can download the latest zip on our releases page.

You can also check the changelog of version 3.6.0, 3.6.1 and 3.6.2.

We hope you will enjoy this new version 🦎

The 3Liz team