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Map builder module for Lizmap

We are pleased to announce the release of a new module for Lizmap Web Client.

This module allows a user from QGIS projects published in Lizmap Web Client to build his own maps. That is, allowing a user to select multiple layers from multiple QGIS projects published in Lizmap Web Client and organize them as he sees fit.


The features are as follows:

  • Listing of the layers accessible through Lizmap according to the access rights of the user
  • Add a layer from the listing by selecting one of the associated styles
  • Organization of the order of the layers by dragging / dropping
  • Changing the transparency of a layer
  • Querying layers based on Lizmap configurations
  • Access to the attribute table according to Lizmap configurations
  • PDF export of the currently built map
  • Save the card configuration for authenticated users
  • Save and share card configuration for users who have been authorized to do so


An administration interface is proposed. It allows to configure:

  • the area displayed by default
  • available baselayers
  • the keys of the different known services: Geoportail, Bing, Google
  • the presence or absence of the tool for consulting the attribute tables of the layers
  • the restriction of the layers usable to the projects of a directory

This module was supported by the Union des Marais de la Charente Maritime (UNIMA) and Andromède Océanologie for the Medtrix platform.

This new module is free and Open-Source: