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Released Lizmap Web Client 2.11

We are pleased to announce the completion of a new LizMap-Web-Client version: 2.11.0. This version is the latest of the 2.* branch.

This new version brings new features:

  • The ability to pass from one map to another without going through the project page while keeping the view.
  • The ability to filter a layer by users. This feature is made to create an annotation layer. Each user can view and modify their data.
  • The ability to display the attribute table of certain layers.
  • The ability to hide some interface elements. This feature allows to integrate more easily Lizmap's maps in a web site.
  • The ability to use QGIS map tooltip as popup content.
  • The ability to disable the group activation boxes. This feature prevents a user to activate multiple layers simultaneously.
  • The ability to choose the units displayed when moving the mouse.

These features were funded by Andromède Océanologie and CIRAD - Environnements et Sociétés.

The version 2.11 also incorporates locating in Greek, thanks to Arnaud Deleurme. Lizmap Plugin and Web Client will therefore be available in:

  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Greek

Thanks to all contributors for localisations, tests and features:

You'll find a documentation in english :

You can download Lizmap Web Client 2.11.0 on releases page

You can use docker to test it or install it on Raspberry PI with

Feedbacks and contributions are welcome.

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