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ZOO Kernel 1.0 release

3LIZ and GeoLabs are glad to announce the ZOO Kernel 1.0 release, the open WPS platform. This first release comes with a set of examples ZOO Services and with the ZOO API, a concise javascript library designed to easily create and chain Process.

ZOO Kernel 1.0 allows to load dynamic librairies and to use them as WPS services, which can be written in several programmation languages. Some sample ZOO services are available and based on existing open source librairies such as GDAL/OGR. Advanced functionnalities like GIS data reprojection, raster processing tasks and even document conversion are now possible online.

ZOO API is a Javascript library designed to facilitate the WPS Process creation and chaining. It is designed to work server-side with the Mozilla foundation JavaScript engine, SpiderMonkey. It uses a Proj4js adaptation for server-side reprojection. It also allows you to easily convert vector formats (GML, KML, GeoJSON, etc). The API also allows to simply orchestrate WPS services and offering the ability to add logic and controls in the chaining.

The ZOO Project official website ( has also been updated, and provides more informations on the different aspects of the project. Documentation is still under construction on the project Trac system, but some advices for installation and a few helloWorlds are already available.

You're invited to the ZOO Workshop at FOSS4G2010


1. Le jeudi 22 avril 2010, 10:24 par Laurent Jégou

Chouette, on va pouvoir tester de nombreuses idées de traitements distants :) Bravo pour votre travail (et pour l'effort de l'offrir en open source).