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OsmTransport: Some network in Europe

Last post on public transport network available in OpenStreetMap and visible in OsmTransport.

London subway network:

London subway network

Zürich tramway and S-bahn network:

Zürich tramway and S-bahn network

Amsterdam tramway and subway network:

Amsterdam tramway and subway network

Brussel tramway and subway network:

Brussel tramway and subway network

Praha tramway and subway network:

Praha tramway and subway network

Vienna subway network:

Vienna subway network


1. Le samedi 26 septembre 2009, 21:31 par fgsfds

I tried to add an area. I got the fiollowing message:

"The area is too big. Please draw a rectangle with an area smaller than 5000000000.
Your rectangle area is : 4858067829.018574"

By my reckoning, 4858067829.018574 < 5000000000.

2. Le dimanche 27 septembre 2009, 21:44 par René-luc D'Hont

I'll review the code!