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2021, Lizmap will be 10 years old

The year 2020 was marked by the growth of the 3Liz team (now we are 8) and the release of version 3.4 of Lizmap Web Client (Liste des nouvelles fonctionnalités)

This new version marks a change in the way Lizmap Web Client works, as some features now depend on the installation of the Lizmap plugin for QGIS Server. The Lizmap plugin extend QGIS Server API.

In 2011, when Michaël imagined Lizmap, he wanted to take advantage of QGIS Server to facilitate the creation of Web maps, by offering a solution that integrates with QGIS so that the geographic data manager doesn't have to change tools when he wants to make a Web publication of his work.

In 10 years, Lizmap has become a true tool for creating and publishing Web mapping applications ranging from simple maps for consulting geographic data to collaborative geographic data management applications (addresses, water networks, naturalist observations, etc.), including the creation of dashboards with graphs or data mining tools.

Flood risks in Montpellier

lizmap-3_4-photo.jpg, fév. 2021
Consulting data with Lizmap

Points of interest in the Lake Geneva Watershed

lizmap-3_4-selection.jpg, fév. 2021
Selecting and export data with Lizmap

Faunistic observations in Polynesia

lizmap-3_4-edition.png, fév. 2021
Collaborative Data Editing with Lizmap

Evolution of COVID-19 in France from march to may 2020

lizmap_3-4_dashboard-covid.png, fév. 2021
Dashboards Lizmap

Follow-up of cats' movements

lizmap-3_4-discover-data.png, fév. 2021
Data mining with Lizmap

In 2021, we want to continue to improve the quality and stability of Lizmap (code refactoring, adding new tests), release 2 new versions of Lizmap Web Client with a version 3.5 at the end of May 2021, and maybe a new major version at the end of the year.

All the 3Liz team wishes you a very happy new year 2021 with Lizmap.