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New Lizmap Web Client versions: 2.12.4 and 3.0 Beta4

The version 2.14 of QGIS has made a significant change to Lizmap Web Client:

  • The ability to set a short name for the layers and groups publish using QGIS Server.

This change has no impact on the projects created with earlier versions and modified. On the other hand adding any layer or project creation with QGIS 2.14 generates a short name for all new layers.

New Lizmap Web Client versions reflect this evolution. If you want to use QGIS 2.14 to manage your projects for QGIS Server and Lizmap, it is important that you do a mounted version to Lizmap Web Client 2.12.4 or Lizmap Web Client 3.0 Beta4 depending on your environment.

Version 2.12.4

This version is a maintenance release. It therefore includes only bug fixes in addition to full support for QGIS 2.14.

These changes concern:

  • Better management of the superposition of the map elements (layers, controls, popup)
  • Better use Google Maps for those who use
  • Better use of external WMS layers
  • The spatialite loading in Lizmap Web Client
  • The use of layers id in the WMS
  • The use of Postgres service for editing

To update you can follow the online documentation and download the version directly from github

Version 3.0 Beta4

This release as the previous version 3.0 Beta prefigures the new version of Lizmap Web Client. It includes bug fixes, support for QGIS 2.14 and new features.

These new features include:

  • the loading order and mime-type detection of media files JS and CSS
  • the edition with the generation of a form as shaped by the user (drag&drop with tabs and groups)
  • the edition with the ability to edit the layers whose primary key is text
  • the popups with the addition of the tolerance parameters to improve object detection on mobile device

You can view all changes since 3.0 Beta3.

To update from a 2.12 version, you can follow the instructions of the UPGRADE file.

To update from a version 3.0 Beta, simply run the commands:

cd /var/www/mylizmap/
lizmap/install/ www-data www-data
php lizmap/install/installer.php

For your feedback you can use github.