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Lizmap Web Client, versions 2.12.2 and 3.0beta2 publication

We are proud to announce the publication for Lizmap Web Client of an intermediate version for the stable version, 2.12.2, and the first public testing release of future stable version, 3.0beta2.

Version 2.12.2

Version 2.12.2 fixes some problems and integrates the tools to move to Lizmap Web Client version 3. Whether you have already installed version to 2.12 or not, it is advisable to update to Lizmap Web Client 2.12.2.

Version 3.0beta2

The 3.0beta2 version should allow many users to test the new features of Lizmap Web Client version 3.

The future Lizmap Web Client version 3 incorporates new features:

  • New User Interface
    • More spaces for the map
    • Actions associated with the selected layer (zoom, export, etc.)
  • Advanced attribute tables display
    • Popup's consultation from the attribute table
    • Data edition from the attribute table
    • Display of joined data related to the selection
  • Filtering data
    • Since the attribute table
    • Since the popup
    • Application of cascade filter following the joins
  • Implementing the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) standard for layers that have been configured with a server cache
  • Implementing a cache pre-generator for layers published in WMTS
  • Implementing Geo-bookmarks
  • Implementing a tooltip mechanism hovers the mouse.

This future release also provides improvements for developers:

  • Using the Jelix inter-module communication system
    • this system allows to add features
    • this system allows to create dedicted applications
  • Using a JavaScript event system to suit maps to their needs

To install this 3.0beta2 release, you will need to follow the instruction of the installation file:

If you want to test this 3.0beta2 version on your configuration, you will have to install the 2.12.2 version, then follow the instruction of the upgrade file:

Finally you will need version in development of the Lizmap Plugin.

If you have any comments on these versions you can use the github issues systems.