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Geolocater & Firefox 4.0b

Geolocater is an addon for Firefox 3.5 and higher, allowing you to manage the locations you want to use on the Web.

From Firefox 3.5, the Mozilla Foundation introduced the Geolocation API in his Web browser. This API allows a Web page to query the browser on its geographical position. This one provides the geolocation information only if the user authorizes it. In the case of a mobile browser, geolocation may be provided by GPS equipment. The geolocation can be calculated by Wifi waves triangulation, this triangulation is accessible through Web services. By default, geolocation in Firefox is provided by the Google Wifi waves triangulation Web service.

In the case of a desktop user, geolocation by Wifi waves triangulation is often imprecise. This lack of precision makes the Geolocation API unattractive and therefore its distribution for non-mobile Web sites and applications.

FF4 notification with Geolocater

Geolocater is a Firefox addon that allows the user to store locations and choose the one he wants to use when a Web site asked him.

In the futur version of the Mozilla Foundation's browser some changes have necessitated an update of Geolocater :
The first one concerns the components statement. This change is invisible to the user.
The second one concerns the notification system. In the current and previous versions, the notifications are appearing in the form of a panel which reducing the size of the Web page. In the futur version, the notifications appear as popups.

This new version of Geolocater compatible with the futur version of the Mozilla Foundation's Browser, Firefox 4, does not make changes for the user but still allows you to choose your location, with its associated precision, when it's asking you.

Until the review is made, the Firefox 4 compatible version is available on :