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ZOO Project WPS Validity report

Text written by Gérald Fenoy, ZOO PSC chair and ZOO main developper.

Several WPS related presentation at FOSS4G2010 including the one entitled "Compliance testing of Open Source Software for Web Processing Services" took place this year [1].

The presentation above reported about some incorrect results about the ZOO-WPS implementation. So the ZOO-Tribe decided to provide a report based on the same techniques than the one used in above presentation and clarify of the ZOO Kernel valid XML responses using only Open Source software to run the tests.

The results of our tests are available on wiki page on the official ZOO Project Trac system [2] where you can read the results we got when running the validity tests for each requests discussed during the conference. As we are in an Open Source community we also provided a tool [3] to run the tests on your own using a simple bash script (working also on GNU/Linux and MacOS X). This way you can ensure that tests made were appropriate. Based on this tool we created another script which provides periodically a web report available on the ZOO-Project web site [4].

Contrary to what was said during in [1], all the tests made was successfully validated. Nevertheless, on the OGC external wiki [5], we noticed that the URLs used to run tests on the ZOO Kernel response validity was wrong so we have corrected it on this wiki page also.

Finally the conclusion to this test are the following :

a) ZOO Kernel provide XML document in responses to WPS request which are all valid,
b) ZOO Kernel support all the Execute request type

I hope you can take few minutes of your busy time to read the report and check by yourself that everything is working fine with the ZOO Kernel and maybe even more in the form of a a generic way to test our WPS implementation responses validity which will be useful for future testing.