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With Geolocater, say "Where I Am" in Firefox

Just after the EuMozCamp09 HTML5 Roundtable, I've proposed to Vladimir Vukićević the idea to add the possibility to say "Where I Am" in Firefox. He said that this functionnality it's more suitable as an add-on.

During this conversation, I've thought that the Firefox user should be able to choose his geolocation directly in the notification. It's what I've done.

Choose your geolocation in the notification

Yesterday, Gervase Markham proposed to add "Where I Am" in Firefox with a feature in the geolocation info bar "Find Myself On A Map", and when I read it, I said to myself: "It's What I Done With My Add-On: Geolocater, Isn't it ?"

The geolocation selected in Geolocater is used for the Firefox Geolocation

Besides, Gervase asks this question : Would you like to see "Where I Am" directly implemented in Firefox 3.7 ?


1. Le lundi 26 octobre 2009, 17:39 par Gerv

I didn't realise this existed - it looks great! :-)


2. Le mardi 27 octobre 2009, 08:53 par ReLuc

Any comments are welcome!

3. Le dimanche 8 novembre 2009, 19:44 par David

I have a bug report: With Google Gears installed, the map functionality doesn’t work.

I hope you can fix this, as this extension is quite useful. Thanks.

(By the way, ‘Geolocator’—with an ‘o’—would be the correct spelling in English.)